Student Details:
Name: Karmen Javernik | Nationality: Slovenian | Birth Date: 10/26/94
What is your family background?
I am the first believer in my family. My mom believes in everything, but never really committed herself to anything. Once I asked her why she didn't commit to church and she said that one faith is not enough for her. My brother, sister and dad never really believed in anything. My mom is the only one that has been to my church and she kind of liked going, but not enough to come on a regular basis. However, now that I am going to CCBCE, she has started attending church more often and it makes my heart sing!

How did you come to know Christ?
Before getting saved, I had never seen people who believed and lived out a Christian life. The first time I saw someone living for Christ was at an English camp that was organized by a church in Celje. This was the first time I had seen a working marriage. There was something different and I knew that if I was going to get to know God, I was going to get to know him 100%. After a year of getting to knowing Christianity and this so-called, God, He touched my heart and showed me that there is a bigger picture and that was enough for me. After I got saved, I quit most of the obvious sins in my life and before I accepted Jesus I had to forgive my dad who almost destroyed my family. I knew that I couldn’t accept Jesus’ forgiveness if I don’t give that to others. Forgiveness and God came into my life and over the next few months, step-by-step, God redeemed my father’s relationship with me and it was unbelievably beautiful. Shortly after, about six months later, my dad passed away and God led me through grief and everything that came from this big loss. At some point in my life, He became not only my Heavenly Father, but also my earthly daddy.

What is your future vision upon finishing the Bible College?
God hasn’t made it clear quite yet. I love young churches and I love to see families founded on Him. That is all I know for now.

How has Bible College impacted you thus far in your walk with the Lord and in equipping you for the future?
It is stretching me, but it is strengthening me by fully relying on Him. Slowly, I am surrendering to Him step-by-step and in the process He is breaking me. It is not easy, but it is exciting to know that when He breaks, He is replacing my heart with something much better. He definitely is making me rely more on Him. I am learning how to sit and listen. In one sentence, He shows me what it looks like when He is first in our lives and I know I don’t want anything else.

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