Student Details:
Name: Mihaela Boboc | Nationality: Romanian | Birth Date: 9/21/94
What is your family background?
I am born in a non-Christian family with seven children.

How did you come to know Christ?
My mom and dad separated so I went to stay with a foster family that is Christian. I started to go to church and after four years I had my meeting with Christ.

What is your future vision upon finishing the Bible College?
After I finish Bible College, with GodÂ’s help I want to be a missionary. But I am open to what God has planned for me.

How has Bible College impacted you thus far in your walk with the Lord and in equipping you for the future?
Though I am in my first semester I already started to grow more in my relationship with Christ: New relationships, learning to show affection and to be more patient.

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