Student Details:
Name: Csaba Farkas | Nationality: Hungarian | Birth Date: 8/13/90
What is your family background?
I was born and raised in a Christian family. My grandpa was a Calvinist pastor. He got saved at the early age of 17 and lived an exemplary life walking with the Lord. My mom and my dad weren’t saved at the time. I was bornagain and beyond that nobody else was a real Christian apart from my grandpa.

How did you come to know Christ?
I can’t say my childhood was filled with peace and joy. From the point I started to comprehend things as a young boy, my family started to collapse. A lot of quarrels were happening in my family and I swallowed a lot of tension, which piled up within me throughout the years. My family split. This all happened when I was starting preschool. I could only see my dad every second weekend. It caused me a lot of frustration and lack of self-esteem and made it difficult for me to make friends. This stayed with me through all the eight years of elementary school. My class mostly out-casted me and I had a lot of abuse. Meanwhile, my mom got married again after two or three years. At the beginning I got along well with her husband but later on our relationship grew worse. This in turn also affected my relationship with my mom. I hated God for all of this and thought if He’s a loving God then why is this all happening to me? As a religious tradition, after a half year of brief Bible overview, I needed to confess my faith at our church’s event called confirmation. After that, I went to a summer camp held by our church. I experienced God’s love for the first time through the members of our church and their kids who just accepted me as I am. I hung out a lot with them and had an awesome time. By the end of the summer as I went back to school I was missing these times and environment so bad. I was approaching the end of eighth grade with a plan already on my heart that I’d move to be with my dad whom I was missing very much. I chose a high school based upon this, my experiences and what I heard about students in Budapest and just wanted to avoid those bad areas. I applied to a religious school, I got accepted but I didn’t get into the class I was planning to go to. At first, I wanted to do a five-year program with a preparatory year to get ready properly for my future studies. When they called me to the office to examine me verbally, the teacher told me that I should rather come to her class because my tests were that good. I accepted the offer but I ended up in an environment that was the exact atmosphere I wanted to avoid. A class full of party people—alcoholics and drug users. I couldn’t fit in again and I was thinking, no way this is happening to me again after eight years. My mom wasn’t doing well these days and finally she needed to go to hospital. I can’t thank God enough that we were bonding with each other in the midst of hopelessness like never before. They diagnosed her with myeloma and she was booked for a bone marrow transplant. The first one succeeded but also a second one was necessary which wasn’t successful. She passed away on Mother’s Day. I was fifteen. My grandpa started to take care of me spiritually and to disciple me. Later, I had a good relationship with some guys from another class and decided to leave mine and go to theirs. I hoped I’d finally find the ideal community where friends would surround me. This plan of mine failed for the second time. I was going home from school everyday almost crying that this cannot be true at all. One day, I went to bed, I was weeping and was thinking about the things that remained and what I was taught. There is a God existing whom you can tell things in prayer and also ask from. Nobody told me the gospel before but that night as a last resort I turned to Jesus to take my life that I was not able to handle. I asked for the forgiveness for my sins and asked Him to come into my heart and be the main focus of my life. The next day, when I woke up, I didn’t expect anything from what I did and just went to school as usual. On the way I met one of the girls from my class who I never really talked with. We were joking and laughing all the way to school. When we got into our classroom, there was the world’s worst class—history, and it was about to start. I just went out and I reported to our teacher; something that I would have never done. Another girl from our class was standing next to me, and I knew she didn’t like me that way, but she just looked at me and smiled. Later I knew that these were the smiles of God through these two people that I finally accepted Jesus.

What is your future vision upon finishing the Bible College?
I don’t know yet and would like to trust in God and base my decision on how He leads me.

How has Bible College impacted you thus far in your walk with the Lord and in equipping you for the future?
This is my second semester. It is different than the first one was. The college is my secondary but rather my primary home now, because this is where I live. I've already spent a lot of weekends here rather than at home. I can definitely say I am in a much healthier atmosphere when I am here than elsewhere. As a result of being in this environment I am currently learning to put a higher emphasis on honesty in my relationship with the Lord. Just like the Bereans in Acts 17, I am learning to search the Scriptures to find the truth and also how to apply it to my life.

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