Student Details:
Name: Angéla Németh | Nationality: Hungarian | Birth Date: 4/15/97
What is your family background?
While my parents were still college students, they got to know each other and God as well. I have four siblings and I am in the middle. My siblings don’t really follow God, but I still think God is faithful in my parents’ lives. My parents love each other and they raised us properly, but I think they may have grown tired over the years.

How did you come to know Christ?
I grew up in a Christian setting; my family and my school were Christian. I don’t know what it is like not to know about Christianity. And while my surroundings were so Christian, I lived for a long time as if everything was fine with me even though I knew that things were not ok; I didn’t know Jesus yet. Regardless of what kind of background I come from, I was very lost. My thoughts were futile and full of sin. While my Christian upbringing kept me away from a lot of bad things, I was still far away from God. I often felt that there was something missing in me; I was always filled with anger and my self-image was broken. Many times I hurt other people and I would act as if I was better than they were. However, putting someone else down never made me any better. When I started going to high school, I got involved with a youth group. When I had been going for about a year I started feeling a lot of guilt about all the hurt I had caused even to people that I loved. I felt like I could never change. Finally the message clicked in my mind of all the things I had been hearing for my whole life. I knew I needed God and forgiveness. This was when I asked God to be the Lord of my life and that he would have the place of power.

What is your future vision upon finishing the Bible College?
I don’t have any plans that I really cling to. Right now, I am just searching for God’s will in my life. Someday I would like to start a little place where people can just get away from their normal lives and be close to nature and be away from civilization so that they can learn to appreciate their lives again and learn to hear from Jesus. Here they would have a chance to find him. Beyond this, I love to write and use the arts to make Jesus known.

How has Bible College impacted you thus far in your walk with the Lord and in equipping you for the future?
I never planned to go to Bible college, but I knew that I needed to fill my life with something that was of value. Since I have come here I am feeling more and more that this is really something to live for and something worth putting everything else aside for. Being here, God is actively working on me and shaping who I am in every way and he is really deepening my relationship with him.

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