Student Details:
Name: Dino Bajric | Nationality: Croatian | Birth Date: 6/5/86
What is your family background?
We are traditionally Catholic, but none of my family is. Saved; some of them don't even believe there is a God.

How did you come to know Christ?
I always had a passion for sports and music and in high school I had a band and I didn’t really care about anything other than sports and music. During that time when I was playing gigs and my band was getting better, we would drink a lot during the concerts and rehearsals. I was the worst alcohol abuser in the band. I wouldn’t just drink. I didn’t have boundaries and I would destroy myself with alcohol. During that time I didn’t do anything bad to anyone and I was still likeable and so people still tolerated me when I was drunk. But I was harming myself and I was doing things that I wasn’t proud; things that I would never do if I was sober. After a couple of years of doing that and seeing that I was doing damage to myself, I decided to stop. I wouldn’t drink every week, as before. But on occasion I would destroy myself again. I wouldn’t do it every day but on occasion and it scared me that every time I drank because I would drink myself into oblivion. I really hated the feelings I had in the morning when I would experience all the shame of what I did while I was drunk. So, I would try to keep myself away from alcohol and sometimes I would go a couple of months without taking a drink. But still, an occasion would arise and I would destroy myself again. Then in 2008, I wanted to start an American football team in my town. So I was trying to find Americans in my town who could help me with coaching or playing. A friend of mine arranged for me to meet with an American pastor who was living in Split. He was happy to help me because he also loved American football. In the first couple of months we didn’t talk about God or anything like that. I could see that he was patient with me and he wanted to help me with football. He wanted to be my friend and he didn’t push the Bible on me. This really impressed me and that made me think because he was very different from all the religious people I had known. At that time there was a guy from Serbia (who attended Calvary Chapel College) that joined the football team. He was often seen carrying a Bible in his hands. Growing up in my hometown many people “cross” themselves and we see pictures and statues of Jesus everywhere, but I had never seen people with a Bible in their hands. So I was curious and I wanted to meet with him and ask him some questions. The conversation we had when we met really stuck with me because he told me something that, I can now say, changed my life. No one had ever told me until that day that God loves me. After that conversation I thought about that a lot and so I decided to go to their church to attend Bible study. And, to be honest, I went there every week and listened to what was said, but it was really hard to understand. Nothing really connected with me, but still I continued to go. Then on New Years Eve I wanted to celebrate the New Year with a friend who was having a party in his home. That was another occasion for me to drink and I drank so much that I destroyed myself. Again in the morning, I felt bad, like always, but this time it was worse. Then I remembered some of the things I had heard about Jesus and what he could do in my life. Then I said, “Jesus, if all that is true, then help me to never feel like this again.” After that, my first thought was to call my friend and tell him that I wanted to come to church. The next Sunday I went to his church. While there, I was comparing my previous church experiences from when I had attended a big Catholic church. His church was a very small church with just a very few people. And I was thinking, “What kind of a church is this?” Then the songs started (I’m never going to forget that day) and something happened that I never would have imagined. I felt tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe it because I’m not a person who cries easily or tears up. But I was fighting not to cry like never before in my life. And I really felt something deep in my heart that I couldn’t deny. That day Christ came into my heart and God answered my prayer. Healing started that day. After church that day, I started to think more about all of this and what had happened. I looked at God differently and I was even looking for God more.

What is your future vision upon finishing the Bible College?
God is calling me to go and share the Gospel to people in my country in Croatia and Serbia. I always used to want to leave my country and live in Western Europe, but God changed my heart and is calling me to go back and tell them about his amazing grace and that He sent His son not to condemn us, but to save us, and that His blood washed away all our sins. I want to serve the Lord and do His will when He sends me to Croatia and Serbia.

How has Bible College impacted you thus far in your walk with the Lord and in equipping you for the future?
It is hard to explain with words how much CCBCE impacted my life as a believer. Here I got my calling and burden for ministry. I learn so much by spending time worshiping the Lord and having the opportunity to be in class every day, studying the word of God and being taught by amazing servants of our Lord. It is hard to explain how much impact this place has on me in my walk with the Lord. My parents who are not believers can see the difference in me. This place has changed me and is equipping me to have a stronger personal relationship with the Lord. This place is amazing and I could live here for the rest of my life, but I can’t wait to leave this place because I want to share with people what God did in my life here and what Jesus did for them on the cross.

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